About us

Zeeba White was co-founded by Dr. Shawn Sadri and Sean Azari. 

Dr. Shawn Sadri is a celebrity cosmetic dentist practicing in both New York City and Los Angeles.  He has been featured in numerous magazines and television for his cosmetic work and celebrity clientele.  

Sean Azari is a New York City based Entrepreneur and owns several ecommerce businesses that were driven by his digital marketing and business development expertise. He is the founder of Breakthrough Social; a full service digital media company that helps brands strengthen their digital presence.

After treating thousands of patients, Dr. Sadri has learned that even those with the healthiest teeth wish they had brighter and whiter smiles. Traditional whitening products can help, but many patients find that these treatments cause painful sensitivity problems, aide from producing less than desirable results. Dr. Sadri believes that getting beautiful white teeth should be easy, painless, and affordable. 

In late 2014, Dr. Sadri partnered up with Mr. Azari and a team of scientists to help revolutionize the cosmetics industry. With Dr. Sadri’s experience in cosmetic dentistry and Mr. Azari’s expertise in business development, cofounding Zeeba White was a natural step. The successful launch of non-sensitive teeth whitening strips lead to the creation of entire product line that includes dental and beauty products. 

Our mission is to create a positive and inspiring movement to create a healthier lifestyle within Cosmetic Dentistry. We want our products to be fun, inspiring, and elicit confidence by bringing you a brighter and whiter smile. Whether you’re getting ready for a special event or simply looking for a more beautiful smile, treat yourself to Zeeba White!